2024 Winners

Congratulations to the 2024 Literary & Arts Competition Winners!

The 2024 prompt explained that the title "Righteous Among the Nations" describes non-Jews who helped the Jewish people in time of need. The Holocaust Encyclopedia from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum gives details on their website about twelve rescuers. Students chose from among them and considered these questions:

  • What pressures and motivations may have influenced the decisions of rescuers?
  • Are these factors unique to this history or universal?
  • How can societies, communities, and individuals reinforce and strengthen the willingness to stand up for others?

A huge thank you to every student who participated in this year's competition, to the teachers for encouraging and helping student's with their entries, and to the judges for helping make this competition meaningful.

High School Art

FIRST: "Unknown Help" by Addison Knox, Loyola College Preparatory

SECOND: "The Echoes of the Auschwitz Horror" by Isabella Kilgarlin, Loyola College Preparatory

THIRD: "Saviors Amongst the Storm" by Brady Baucom, Benton High School

High School Essay

FIRST: "The Moral Imperative of Rescuers: Insights from Jan Karski, Oskar Schindler, and Gino Bartali" by Maya Trutschl, Caddo Parish Magnet High School

SECOND: "What it Takes to be Extraordinary" by John Davis, Caddo Parish Magnet High School

THIRD: "Three Saviors" by Aiden Adams, Benton High School

High School Poetry

FIRST: "No Need To Hide the Valor of Ten Boom" by Annelise Whited, Caddo Parish Magnet High School

SECOND: "Put This Righteous Song In Your Mouth" by Annelise Whited, Caddo Parish Magnet High School

THIRD: "Men of Humanity" by Adonijah McCarty, Caddo Parish Magnet High School

High School Short Story

FIRST: "If My Father Ever Believed in Shrines" by Noel Strange, Caddo Parish Magnet High School

Middle School Art

FIRST: "Rescued by Oskar Schindler and Aftermath" by Nora Bai, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet

SECOND: "We Were Born to be Equal" by Vida Guzman, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet

THIRD: "That Sign of Hope" by Taylor Thiemann, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet

Middle School Essay

FIRST: "A United Perspective" by Keerthan Jaganmohan, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet 

SECOND: "Gino Bartali - Hero in the Handlebars" by Anamika Nair, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet 

THIRD: "Recognizing the Truth" by Avery Shaw, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet