2024 First Place Middle School Art

"Rescued by Oskar Schindler and Aftermath" by Nora Bai, Caddo Parish Middle Magnet

Artist's Statement

I chose Oskar Schindler because he rescued many Jews from concentration/death camps in World War II, and he also provided a safe place for the Jews to live in afterwards. Schindler owned a factory named Emalia. Undercover as a Nazi, Schindler saved thousands and allowed them to work in his factory. He believed that the brutality of the Nazis to a population that had done nothing wrong was unjust and he wanted to help stop it. He is an important figure in history, as he realized something was wrong, and persisted in making a change. Lastly, societies, communities, and individuals can reinforce and strengthen the willingness to stand up for others by taking action instead of ignoring what is going on around them.