2022 First Place High School Short Story

"Truth and Courage" by Grace Bodily, Caddo Magnet High School

Author's Statement

The groups I selected had important differences. Gareth Jones stood alone against the Western journalistic establishment and the merciless Soviet machine. His work brought him scorn and exile, eventually ending his short life with an assassination in Mongolia. The Bishop, the Mayor, and the island of Zakynthos were a united people, ultimately successful in protecting the Jews in their town and keeping the Nazis' machinations at bay. Still, each agent in these two stories individually found the courage to face unimaginable challenges. I try to keep their stories with me as I move forward, imitating their grit and audacity. Standing on solid ground, speaking the truth, and refusing to yield to evil is how these people brought light to their own dark places and, by following their example, I hope to bring more truth to the world they left behind.