Holocaust Remembrance Service
of Northwest Louisiana

Since 1984, a coalition of community partners in Northwest Louisiana have held a remembrance service for victims of the Holocaust. Through our remembering and active cooperation, we strive to obliterate injustice.

Northwest Louisiana students are given the option to participate in the Holocaust Remembrance Literary and Arts Competition. Students learn about the Holocaust, and produce poems, stories, essays, visual art, or musical compositions.

41st Annual Holocaust Remembrance Service

To honor the victims of one of humanity's worst moments, our community remembers the Holocaust with an annual ecumenical service. 

A recording of this year's service featuring author Sonia Levitin is now available.

Date: May 5th, 2024
3:00 p.m.
 Louisiana State University Shreveport, University Center Ballroom

2024 Chair: Dr. Kenna Franklin of LSUS
Assistant Provost of Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement
Associate Professor of Professional Practice

2024 Program: Sonia Levitin,
Holocaust survivor and award winning author